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  • He has been an excellent teacher, very skilled and knowledgeable.  I’m happy that our family will continue to benefit from Krishan’s experience!

    Michelle Imagine Music Parent
  • Brenda is a very positive and patient teacher.  She is very warm and accepting.  She is always willing to help even after a lesson (for example….email additional information if needed).  I highly recommend Brenda as a music teacher.

    Teresa Imagine Music Adult Student
  • We love Peter & think he is the greatest! Peter is so very kind and patient.

    Cindy Imagine Music Parent
  • Yoanna is an amazing teacher! She is wonderful with my 5-year old daughter; blending just the right mix of challenge and encouragement to make her and enjoy her lessons and instill in her a love and enthusiasm for music. Yoanna is also great with me – an adult resuming my music studies.

    Melanie Imagine Music Parent
  • We enjoyed being a part of Imagine Music, it is a great experience.

    Maria Imagine Music Parent
  • I just wanted to pass on how much Emily enjoyed working with Marilyn and how much her voice and confidence has grown since working with her. If we ever move back to Calgary, I’ll be in touch!

    Bonnie Imagine Music Parent
  • Jennifer has been great with our son on the piano.  She’s really brought out the best in him and has fueled his passion for playing. Thanks again!

    Christopher Imagine Music Parent
  • My daughter and I have been taking piano lessons from Krishan for the past year and it’s been an excellent experience.  We’ve both learned a lot and having the lessons in-home has been really beneficial and convenient.

    Jasraj Imagine Music Parent and Student
  • My daughter’s music teacher, Juliana has inspired her to not drop her in school music lesson option… and she did pass her music course. Imagine Music Inc. is indeed great. Keep it up!

    Marlene Imagine Music Parent
  • Krishan is an excellent, patient, dedicated teacher, willing to share his love of music with his students.

    Sharon Imagine Music Grandparent
  • Imagine Music has contributed so much to my growth as a singer, and I am so grateful to have gotten the chance to learn from such amazing teachers.

    Melissa Imagine Music Adult Student
  • On CBC Radio One there was program about the book Alice’s Brain. In this book a long-time piano teacher has a stroke and after quite a struggle is able to play piano again. She related how, when playing the piano, she does not feel disabled. I have experienced this at the organ thanks to Jennifer. I truly appreciate this gift you give us beyond just teaching us the piano or organ.

    Terry Imagine Music Senior Student
  • We find Brenda to be encouraging and supportive. She always has a smile on her face and makes the boys feel more confident.

    Lori Imagine Music Parent
  • I think Brenda knows how to motivate especially young learners and she brings not only her music techniques but also a deep connection with her students that can last for a long time. I think one of the greatest things about Brenda is that she also works hard for her students’ confidence. I truly believe that Brenda is one of the best teachers in so many ways and we were blessed to have found her. I would not hesitate at all to recommend her to anyone. I am sure you would be so happy to have her as your/your child’s teacher, just like I was!

    Clair Imagine Music Parent
  • Terry attended the level 3 contemporary music exam in June. We have received a letter from Conservatory Canada saying he is the winner of the Medal for Excellence of Grade 3 in Alberta . We are so happy to hear that and would like to share that with you and express our appreciation to your great work! Again thank you for teaching Terry to achieve such excellent result.

    Silver Imagine Music Dad
  • Juliana is a great teacher. Marisa seems to enjoy the lessons. She hasn’t given up like she does when trying new things.

    Shirley Imagine Music Parent
  • Kay is a wonderful teacher, she has a nice smile on her face all the time. My son has special needs and she has so much patience to teach him. She keeps repeating and not gets frustrated at all. She has new and easy ways to teach my son.

    Jagjit Imagine Music Parent
  • Marilyn has been Elizabeth’s teacher since she started piano. She is fantastic!

    Imagine Music Mom
  • Peter is an amazing teacher. My kids have learned so much from him.

    Julie Imagine Music Parent
  • Tim’s been great. Easy going yet still gently nudging (in his own way) to practise because you get out what you put in to it.

    Sandi Imagine Music Adult Student
  • Juliana has really helped Sam find that inner musician!

    Barb Imagine Music Parent
  • Yoanna rocks. Leah loves and looks forward to her lesson each week.

    Kimberly Imagine Music Parent
  • Tim Young is the guitar teacher for my son. We are very happy with our son’s progress. Tim has a very structured approach to teaching.

    Imagine Music Mom
  • It has been a pleasure to have Yoanna introduce piano to Becky & Mustafa introduce guitar to Rachel and making this a very positive experience for both of them.

    Ruby Imagine Music Parent
  • Juliana is great!

    Gurvinder Imagine Music Parent
  • Yoanna is an excellent teacher! She not only inspires you to be your best but she finds ways to challenge you and is never ending in her knowledge of not only how but why and the backstory of every song.

    Melissa Imagine Music Adult Student
  • Juliana is an extremely patient and caring teacher. My kids enjoy her lessons and her energy is contagious,

    Jennifer Imagine Music Parent
  • My daughter Samantha and I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks. Sam's in girl scouts, and right now she's working to earn her Junior Musician badge. The girls are learning how music is made, different styles of music, different instruments, composers, etc. Her troop leader asked the girls to look for some helpful music websites online to share with the troop and Sam found your page, it's been such a great resource we wanted to let you know & to say thanks!  

    Samantha's Mom Web Parent
  • I took voice lessons through Imagine Music Inc. for several years. I always had incredible instructors who challenged me and allowed me to grow as a vocalist. The recitals afforded me the opportunity to improve my skills and hone my stage presence. My time with Imagine Music gave me the confidence and skills to perform in various musical theatre productions and as an anthem singer for sporting events.

    Amelia Imagine Music Student
  • Juliana has been a fantastic teacher for Isla since she started lessons. We look forward to continuing Isla's growth with her.

    Neal Imagine Music Parent
  • Jennifer has been exceptional at guiding me to work on piano pieces, theory, and technical work that are at exactly the right level. What I mean by that is, she always pushes me to do just a little bit more than I think I am capable of, allowing me to progress and experience successes along the way. I always leave my lesson feeling encouraged and energized! Many thanks!

    Arline Imagine Music Adult Student
  • Krishan has been a great piano teacher to our two young sons. We look forward to continuing lessons with him in the coming years.

    David Imagine Music Parent
  • Brenda is a great piano teacher, mentor and friend. I look forward to my lessons every week.

    Lisa Imagine Music Adult Student
  • Muriel says Jennifer is "very great" and she loves taking piano from her!

    Karen Imagine Music Parent
  • Juliana has been a wonderful teacher for Marisa. She is very patient with Marisa as she has epilepsy and a learning disability. Marisa looks forward to going every week.

    Shirley Imagine Music Parent
  • Very talented teachers, dedicated to their students, thank you!

    Vedilia Imagine Music Parent
  • Jennifer is amazing. We feel lucky to have found her. Both my girls have come a long way in a short time.

    Kim Imagine Music Parent
  • Excellent lessons and very convenient. It’s been effortless to commit to lessons with the children and they really enjoy the at home environment to learn. Worth every dollar!

    Jayda Imagine Music Parent
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