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Inspiring Students to Enjoy Music

Playing music a student loves is a great first step to inspiring students to enjoy music.
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What We Learned About Music in 2020

Oh… what a year can bring! In 2019, Imagine Music Inc. celebrated its 25th year anniversary recital with balloons, cake, giftbags, many hugs, and handshakes.
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Are Music Lessons a Gift That Can Last a Lifetime?

Time and time again, I have seen so many kids start music lessons in Calgary at a young age and continue playing until adulthood.
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Imagine Music Inc. Blog on Music Lessons

The “NEW” School of Music Lessons

Covid-19 has changed our lives so much, yet students, parents, and families still want a strong music education that will deliver.
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Imagine Music Inc. Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons 101: What You Need to Know to Start

Peter has been a teacher and drummer for over 30 years. He has been teaching with Imagine Music Inc for over 10 years. I decided to interview Peter about drums lessons to inform anyone new to drumming what to expect.
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Music Theory Lessons

Why Learning Music Theory is Important

Why Learning  Music Theory is Important I have always enjoyed teaching theory. To teach theory, a music teacher will need to find creative ways to explain a concept so
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Keep in Shape For the Fall With Summer Music Lessons

Keep in Shape For the Fall With Summer Music Lessons Students work hard all year building up their music repertoire, learning new theory concepts, and keeping their fingers nimble. 
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3 Great Tips for Improving Your Musicianship

3 GREAT TIPS for Improving Your Musicianship In more than 30 years as a piano teacher, I have taught students with different physical and mental abilities, learning styles, and
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Should you take your music lessons to the next level?

Should You Take Your Music Lessons to the Next Level?

Should you Take Your Music Lessons to the Next Level? Taking it to the next level means practicing more diligently and with focus. Elevating your casual lesson into something
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Imagine Music Inc. Summer Lessons

Summer Tips for Thinking Music

Summer Tips for Thinking Music It’s here, the lazy days of summer! A time for doing other activities that you love to do. After all summer is short! So how
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