Eddie K.Guitar and Bass

    Imagine Music Inc Teacher Since 2018


    Specializing in Guitar & Bass Lessons


    Currently I teach Bass, Guitar, and Theory from a beginner level to a more advanced level to students of all ages.  I enjoy all musical genres, however, my preference is jazz, rock, funk, and fusion music.

    As a student at Ambrose University, I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Music program. My major is in both upright and electric bass instruments with guitar as my secondary instrument. Music history, theory, composition, and pedagogy within the jazz and classical streams are critical aspects of my degree.

    Playing the bass is something I enjoy because of the feeling of the groove. Besides, nothing can make a great song without an awesome bass line like Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Dani California. I have volunteered for many musical performances for community events at churches, retirement homes, special events venue services and many more. My most notable performances include Calgary’s Ironwood Stage & Grill, King Edward Hotel, and a performance at The National Music Centre for the International UN Jazz Day.


    Eddie’s approach to teaching:

    It is very important to give students the opportunity to be successful. By giving measurable tasks, students where they can see the results of their efforts, that feeling of “yeah, I did it!” rewards them for getting through difficult exercises.

    Students need to be learning and having fun.  More importantly  I love connecting and empathizing with students and their individual musical needs.

    I want students to understand the techniques to ensure strong musical foundations.

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