Krishan P. Voice Teacher

Imagine Music Teacher Since 2015

Specializing in:
Piano, Voice, Clarinet, and Theory with Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Exams

Studio (Capitol Hill NW)

Krishan P. is an excellent teacher of clarinet, piano, and voice. He earned his Master of Music Degree in clarinet performance in May 2015. He began formal music training at the age of three, studying with the Kodály School of Music. Krishan went on to study multiple instruments in a variety of disciplines, from classical to jazz to pop genres. He has taught both privately and classes, and most noteworthy is his work with the Calgary Clinic Line and the Bands of Calgary.

Krishan has made many appearances as a clarinetist, including a concerto performance with the CPO in 2013 as part of the RBC Concerto Competition. He also performed as a featured clarinet soloist with Luminous Voices, Calgary’s professional choir. As a singer, Krishan regularly performs at various churches in Calgary and Vancouver as a paid Bass Section Leader. With a wealth of choral knowledge, and experience singing as a volunteer in the Spiritus Chamber Choir, Krishan also directs his own vocal jazz group, Kiva. He has performed as a pianist at weddings, banquets, and other events, as well as accompanying singers. He is also known for his jazz arrangements of pop, rock, and folk, and is an able transcriber.

Krishan’s Approach to Teaching:

Growth through experience! It’s very important to perform and experience as much music as you can! Listening to others play and learning from listening is key to perfecting your own performance.Lessons, above all, will be both as fun and as communicative as possible. For that reason, students will be encouraged to ask questions and experiment with their instrument. My job is to be the best guiding influence I can!I like to teach a diverse range of repertoire, as well as covering fundamentals and theory in lessons, as a result, there will be a little bit of everything! I will focus on the areas that need improvement the most, and give the student tips and techniques for making the learning process easier.Reviews:”Krishan has been a great piano teacher to our two young sons. We look forward to continuing lessons with him in the coming years.” David, an Imagine Music Inc. parent”He has been an excellent teacher, very skilled and knowledgeable.  I’m happy that our family will continue to benefit from Krishan’s experience!”  Michelle, an Imagine Music Inc. parent