Imagine Music Teacher
Since 2018

Specializing in:

In-home and Studio (Dalhousie NW)



Jenny, a piano teacher, has recently joined Imagine Music Inc. bringing with her years of teaching and accompanying students. Her credentials are solid with a Masters’ Degree in Music Pedagogy and Performance from Indiana University and the University of Miami.

She served as pianist for the Calgary Philharmonic Chorus, the Alberta Ballet School and the Royal Academy of Dancing within Calgary. While Jenny worked on her Masters, she was a teaching assistant for piano and theory. Professionally, she served as President for the CFMTA and ARMTA in Calgary from 2001 to 2003.

A career invested as a music educator in piano, theory, and music history, as well as, an instrumental and vocal accompanist is what Jenny is most proud of.

Jenny’s Approach to Teaching:

Jenny believes in the scientific proof that music lessons contribute to cognitive development by improving brain structure and functioning between memory and attention.

With her many years of teaching experience and working with children, Jenny is a believer that the quality of a child’s music pedagogy education is associated with their academic achievement and success.

She feels that the theory of relativity is related to intuition, and music is a driving force behind this incredible intuition and imagination.