Music School Owner of Imagine Music Inc.

Owner and Director
Imagine Music Inc.
Since 1994

Specializing in:
Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Jazz Piano, Improvisation, Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms, Royal Conservatory of Music Exam Prepartions (RCM) Theory

In-home and Studio (Kincora NW)

Professional Affiliations

Alberta Piano Teacher’s Association (APTA)

Calgary Arts & Summer School Association (CASSA)

“Thanks again for a wonderful improve session for the Piano Camp students”
– Linda, President and Artistic Director of the Calgary Arts and Summer School

Music School Owner

As a music school owner with over thirty years of teaching / performance experience, Jennifer not only created Imagine Music Inc. in 1994, she continues to grow it. Jennifer’s music school has an undisputed reputation for quality and professionalism within the Calgary music community.

Jennifer is a highly respected music teacher, accompanist, contemporary pop and jazz pianist. She plays at many events such as weddings, corporate parties and a variety of private functions.

Consequently as a sole proprietor, she also knows how to mentor her staff and students with excellent results. 

Teaching Piano Lessons and Improvisation

Even more as a child, Jennifer embellished music.  Likewise, on her first instrument, the organ, she quickly learned how to chord and orchestrate sounds and rhythm settings.

Most noteworthy, at 16 she taught new and creative improvisation techniques to students of all ages. 

For that reason she studied piano and keyboard at Mount Royal University, graduating with a Diploma in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance.

Furthermore she completed the Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 Level in piano. Jennifer has taught music students of all ages for over thirty years.


Teaching on How to Use Your Instrument

Jennifer often instructs on various brands of digital pianos and keyboards.  Many people buy highly functional keyboarding instruments and as a result, don’t know how to operate their keyboards or electric pianos to their maximum potential. Consequently, they only use the piano setting. Similarly, students have a lot of fun learning what their instrument is capable of.

A Music School Owner’s Approach to Teaching:

  • The ability to improvise, interpret, or change your music equals a more versatile player.
  • A serious piano student needs to learn various music styles.
  • Young students should learn the piano skills that keep them playing as adults.
  • Adult students play piano to obtain enjoyment, relaxation, physical and mental skills.

Recent Piano Performance by Jennifer
at an Anniversary Party

Conrad (Jennifer’s Student) 
Playing in the June 2018 Recital

Emma (Jennifer’s Student)
Playing in December Big Recital

Excellent lessons and very convenient. It’s been effortless to commit to lessons with the children and they really enjoy the at home environment to learn. Worth every dollar!

Imagine Music Parent

Jennifer is amazing. We feel lucky to have found her. Both my girls have come a long way in a short time.

Imagine Music Parent

Very talented teachers, dedicated to their students, thank you!

Imagine Music Parent

Muriel says Jennifer is "very great" and she loves taking piano from her!

Imagine Music Parent

Jennifer has been exceptional at guiding me to work on piano pieces, theory, and technical work that are at exactly the right level. What I mean by that is, she always pushes me to do just a little bit more than I think I am capable of, allowing me to progress and experience successes along the way. I always leave my lesson feeling encouraged and energized! Many thanks!

Imagine Music Student

On CBC Radio One there was program about the book Alice’s Brain. In this book a long-time piano teacher has a stroke and after quite a struggle is able to play piano again. She related how, when playing the piano, she does not feel disabled. I have experienced this at the organ thanks to Jennifer. I truly appreciate this gift you give us beyond just teaching us the piano or organ.

Imagine Music Student

We enjoyed being a part of Imagine Music, it is a great experience.

Imagine Music Parent

Jennifer has been great with our son on the piano. She’s really brought out the best in him and has fueled his passion for playing. Thanks again!

Imagine Music Parent

Terry attended the level 3 contemporary music exam in June. We have received a letter from Conservatory Canada saying he is the winner of the Medal for Excellence of Grade 3 in Alberta . We are so happy to hear that and would like to share that with you and express our appreciation to your great work! Again thank you for teaching Terry to achieve such excellent result.

Imagine Music Parent

Jennifer provides balance to my musical instruction. In the last two years Jennifer has demonstrated the experience and musical expertise to provide the right pace of musical instruction balanced with the proper amount of theory, playing and integration of individual special needs. This balance makes lessons seem like cooperative musical production as well as a teaching moment. Jennifer often performs songs to be learned on the organ that I video to learn from as well. For me, this all adds up to a positive realization of talent and confidence that has led to true musical growth and playing pleasure.

Imagine Music Adult Student