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Where to Take Premium Music Lessons

We offer studio lessons in our teacher’s home-based studios. Our teacher studios are inspected and reviewed by the Imagine Music office. 

Benefits from studio lessons are:

  • improved focus without household distractions.
  • access to their teacher’s library of music.
  • can often play on more advanced instruments.
  • cost for studio lessons is less than in-home lessons.

Our teachers provide premium, music lessons in your home. Many of our clients appreciate the convenience of this service without compromising quality in their musical education.

Benefits from in-home lessons are:

  • families can easily schedule around other activities.
  • students with mobility constraints can enjoy music lessons.
  • learning on your own instrument.
  • you don’t have to leave home during bad weather days.
Online Music Lessons at Imagine Music Inc.

Since the start of Covid-19, Imagine Music worked diligently to continue lessons through online delivery. All our clients were successfully moved to this format. Online lessons can stream through Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

Benefits from online lessons are:

  • students can learn safely from home.
  • lessons can be taken at home, the cabin or anywhere.
  • families can better schedule around work and school.
  • learning on your own instrument.

Types of Music Lessons

  • Regular lessons are taken weekly within your home or at a teacher’s studio.

  • Students can benefit from lessons that are scheduled on the same time and day every week during our normal school year September to June.

  • Regular lessons are like clockwork; it is really the best for learning. These lessons are consistent and the student knows what to expect.

Our Music Lesson Package or the MLP offer flexibility to fit music lessons into your life. It is a popular alternative to weekly, scheduled, regular lessons.

You are free to schedule lessons at your convenience providing that the music lesson day and time work for both you, and your music teacher. Music Lesson Packages (MLP) are sold as Four Lesson Packages. Each Music Lesson Package must be used within 12 weeks. When you finish your Music Lesson Package, another MLP may be purchased. Music Lesson Packages:
  • make a great music gift
  • are perfect for trial lessons
  • provide convenience when an extra lesson or a brush up on musical skills is needed
  • become an ideal way to enjoy summer lessons
  • can be used for both in-home and studio lessons

The Custom Music Lesson Package (CMLP) is a prepaid system which allows for lessons on a set day and time. It is designed for the student who cannot commit to a long-term regular lesson time or for those who just want to try music lessons. The CMLP may also be purchased as a gift for someone who might like to try music lessons.