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Oh my gosh!!! That was so fun. Cassie and I had a blast listening to the songs and trying to guess the movie title and songs. Thank you so much for doing this. It makes being home all the time so much better. The kids did do amazing. You have some great students!!
Imagine Music Parent
This was my daughter's first year taking piano lessons with Jennifer and it has been a wonderful experience! Jennifer is patient and encouraging. She is very organized and knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. Her concerts are fun and well planned and with her guidance my daughter received First Class Honors on her Grade 4 piano exam. She is a fantastic music teacher and we can not wait to start lessons again in the fall!!
Imagine Music Parent
Muriel has SO ENJOYED lessons with you, even on Zoom. You are one of the bright lights that kept her going this spring.
Imagine Music Parent
The company is affordable, convenient, the teachers are knowledgeable and I am very grateful for the years I was able to practice music with them!
Jayda P
Imagine Music Student
Jennifer is an outstanding piano teacher: wise, positive and an excellent role model for our daughter. Lessons are fun and our teen's love for piano is flourishing because of Jennifer.
Imagine Music Parent

Some Student Results During Covid-19 Quarantine

Hey Jude Level 4 Piano

Sanjana loves her piano lessons!

Ave Maria by Johann Sebastian Bach

Clara was preparing for a Conservatory Canada Level 8 Voice Exam and learned this piece while in isolation due to Covid-19.

Isla Playing The Greatest Showman Medley While In isolation Due to Covid-19

Isla learned the Greatest Showman Medley while in isolation due to Covid-19. She was preparing for our Movie Mystery Music  – a Zoom Recital.  This is a short clip of a 9 page advanced piano arrangement by Constantino Carrara.

Conrad Playing Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word by Elton John

Conrad was preparing for a Conservatory Canada Level 7 Piano Exam and learned this song while in isolation due to Covid-19. 

Imagine Music Inc. Music Recital Winner Jack

Jack enjoys his online lessons so much with Hannah that he participated in the Movie Mystery Online Recital!

Emma is working so hard for her upcoming exam. Her studio lessons have worked well. The piano is sanitized and both Emma and Jennifer, her teacher, wear masks.

A recent masterclass on Zoom where the audience could give feedback on the performance. This helps students prepare for their exams, which are also held on Zoom.