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Amazing Voice Lessons at Imagine Music Inc.

Imagine Music Teacher Since 2012

Specializing in:
Singing & Voice, Piano, and Theory
(Royal Conservatory of Music Exams)

In-home and Studio (Charleswood NW)

Yoanna gives the best voice and piano lessons. With an ARCT in Voice, Gr 8 RCM in piano and fluent in Spanish, Yoanna is a great music coach to have.

She is a certified Yamaha Music instructor with an ARCT in Voice. In addition, she has completed Grade 8 Piano at the Royal Conservatory. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Yoanna relocated her life from Cuba to Toronto. In 2012 she moved to Calgary, Alberta.

Yoanna has regularly performed as a vocalist in many Latin nightclubs and festivals. In the classical world, she has performed several times with the Toronto Operetta Theater Company in operettas such as The Mikado, The Merry Widow and in Cecilia Valdes, a Cuban Operetta. Yoanna also sings for weddings and other social events.

Yoanna’s Voice and Piano Lesson Approach
  • When her students enjoy their music lessons and leave feeling excited about their accomplishments, I gets the most joy out of teaching.
  • I want every student to be their own artist. I think music may be approached in a similar way to a poem, novel or essay; a great musical experience is a social one regardless of the musical tradition we choose to study. We need the discipline, the knowledge of the language and the technique, but we also need an enormous amount of imagination, patience, effort and enthusiasm. The internalization of musical rhythm, form, and harmony are among the most essential skills that enable a productive musical exchange that speaks directly to the soul.
  • Music is everything and is in everything that surrounds us in our daily lives. It is simply a gateway to our own very soul.

Check out Yoanna’s student

Yoanna is an excellent teacher! She not only inspires you to be your best but she finds ways to challenge you and is never ending in her knowledge of not only how but why and the backstory of every song.
Imagine Music Student
It has been a pleasure to have Yoanna introduce piano to Becky & Mustafa introduce guitar to Rachel and making this a very positive experience for both of them.
Imagine Music Parent
Yoanna rocks. Leah loves and looks forward to her lesson each week.
Imagine Music Parent
Yoanna is an amazing teacher! She is wonderful with my 5-year old daughter; blending just the right mix of challenge and encouragement to make her and enjoy her lessons and instill in her a love and enthusiasm for music. Yoanna is also great with me – an adult resuming my music studies.
Imagine Music Parent