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Practice Buddy
Imagine Music Inc.

Specializing in:
Piano, Voice


Tess, a student specializing in piano and voice, volunteers as Imagine Music’s first Practice Buddy. 

Tess began playing piano at the age of five and joined Imagine Music as a piano and voice student at the age of ten. Tess sang in choirs through all her years of school and is a member of the William Aberhart Concert Choir, as well as her high school’s audition choir.

Currently, Tess is at RCM Level 5 Piano and RCM Level 3 Voice, with two completed courses in Choral Music. In recent years, Tess’s love of music influenced her to learn beginner guitar and ukulele.

Together, Tess and Jennifer are pioneering the Practice Buddy program, where Tess assists students with their practicing in between lessons. Instructors will contact Tess to inform her of which areas their students need to focus on for the week. 

While continuing her musical education with Imagine Music and her high school courses, Tess is thrilled to participate in the music community in a new way. Tess is part of a family where musicianship is highly encouraged, but understands the challenge of needing help practicing when no one at home has studied music. Because of this, Tess aims to provide students the support they need to improve in between lessons and optimize their practicing time. Furthermore, Tess enjoys mentoring children, as demonstrated through her experiences of babysitting and tutoring. She is excited to share her love of music with Imagine students. 

Tess’s Approach to Teaching

Playing an instrument opens the door to limitless opportunities. As well as bettering the development of the brain, music is a versatile skill. Whether it is a hobby, a profession, or a passion, playing an instrument is always rewarding. Because of this, Tess believes that children should be supported in playing whichever genre or style they choose, as long as they enjoy it. The freedom a student has in their musical education determines whether playing is seen as a gift or as a chore. Tess aims to make each session both fun and beneficial, as her own instructors have done through the years.