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Marilyn- Best Vocal and Piano Teacher at Imagine Music Inc.

Imagine Music Teacher Since 2014

Specializing in:
Voice, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Piano

In-home and Studio (Charleswood NW)

Check Out Marilyn singing Rainy Days and Mondays

Marilyn, is our best vocal and piano teacher who is a favourite. She received her Bachelor of Music and teaches: jazz, musical theatre, folk, & soft rock.

Raised in a musical family, she is grateful for her musical background and the opportunities for growth, enjoyment, and expression it has afforded her. A a result, making music with others is one of her favourite things to do. 

Marilyn performed professionally, including:

  • the Calgary Opera Chorus (8 productions)
  • performed in ‘History of Music‘, an a cappella comedy show which toured Canada & USA
  •  8 productions with a children’s theatre company
  • studio recording experience (album, TV and radio commercials)
  • ‘Candide’ with Alberta Theatre Projects
  • Swing Time’ with Lunchbox theatre
  • Blood Brothers’ with Aurora Stage Productions
  • sung in choirs and small ensembles, vocal jazz groups, classical choirs, a cappella quartets
  • performed at Calgary special events such as the Olympic Games, and Canada Day 

Marilyn’s Approach to Teaching Children:

  • I greatly admire technically proficient musicians; however, I don’t believe it to be a requirement of music making or music appreciation. Music is something that has been given to all of us and the ability to know beauty, or access music’s capacity to stir and soothe is within us all.
  • I feel early exposure, surrounding young people in many styles of music and offering them many varied musical experiences, is the most effective way to ensure musical understanding and lifelong musical enjoyment. Music is a language and we learn and integrate language understanding naturally and intuitively. As with all language, the more literacy you have, the greater your opportunities to explore and express more articulately and with greater sophistication.
  • I know music as an integral part of my relationship to living. It provides an outlet for all the human emotions one so often struggles to safely and fully express in other ways. It also creates an opportunity for us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to create something wonderful with others and feel a sense of oneness.

Mikayla is one of Marilyn’s students and this performance was at our December, 2018 recital.

Very talented teachers, dedicated to their students, thank you!
Imagine Music Parent
I took voice lessons through Imagine Music Inc. for several years. I always had incredible instructors who challenged me and allowed me to grow as a vocalist. The recitals afforded me the opportunity to improve my skills and hone my stage presence. My time with Imagine Music gave me the confidence and skills to perform in various musical theatre productions and as an anthem singer for sporting events.
Imagine Music Student
Marilyn has been Elizabeth’s teacher since she started piano. She is fantastic!
Imagine Music Parent
Imagine Music has contributed so much to my growth as a singer, and I am so grateful to have gotten the chance to learn from such amazing teachers.
Imagine Music Student
I just wanted to pass on how much Emily enjoyed working with Marilyn and how much her voice and confidence has grown since working with her. If we ever move back to Calgary, I’ll be in touch!
Imagine Music Parent
Marilyn is such a wonderful teacher. Fiona has improved immensely in the short time she has taken voice lessons. I am always amazed how her suggestions on breathing or some other adjustment can make Fiona's voice sound beautiful. Marilyn knows her craft.
Imagine Music Parent