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Accordion, Piano, Organ and Keyboard Teacher with Imagine Music Inc.

Imagine Music Teacher
Since 2007

Specializing in:
Accordion, Piano, Organ, and Keyboard

Studio (Silver Springs NW)

Brenda Teaches
Accordion, Piano, Organ and Keyboard


Brenda, our best accordion, organ, piano teacher is an experienced music teacher. Her nurturing creativity motivates students to enjoy the process of mastering their music.

A native Calgarian, Brenda teaches in her home in Silver Springs, NW. She began music lessons at the age of six and has continued to explore and play music throughout her life.  Brenda has attained her grade seven in piano from the Royal Conservatory. In addition, Brenda has acquired courses through the Palmer Hughes Series, such as the completion of her Grade 10 level in accordion, as well as, courses on technique for keyboard and organ.

Brenda teaches both children and adults, tailoring her teaching to each students ability to learn with the goal to see her students develop skills to play on their chosen instrument with confidence. 

She shares her joy and positiveness by helping students expand their knowledge and love of music because she knows the gift of music will stay with them for life.

Brenda loves life; she is friendly and supportive of all who come into her life by encouraging people to be the best they can be!

Brenda’s Music Lesson Approach Is:

In my home studio, I set a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to make my students feel comfortable during the lesson. I like to establish a lesson plan and practice schedule that will assist my students to learn in the best way possible. Every student is an individual, so the way they learn varies.  I like to be creative in my approach so that they understand new concepts and can practice with confidence.

Music is a skill your child will enjoy for years to come. It helps their brain develop on both sides – the right and left hemisphere.  Music develops the ability to think in logical terms, and helps students use their emotional and creative side to enhance what they have created.

Brenda Accordian Teacher
Brenda is a great piano teacher, mentor and friend. I look forward to my lessons every week.
Imagine Music Student
I think Brenda knows how to motivate especially young learners and she brings not only her music techniques but also a deep connection with her students that can last for a long time. I think one of the greatest things about Brenda is that she also works hard for her students’ confidence. I truly believe that Brenda is one of the best teachers in so many ways and we were blessed to have found her. I would not hesitate at all to recommend her to anyone. I am sure you would be so happy to have her as your/your child’s teacher, just like I was!
Imagine Music Parent
We find Brenda to be encouraging and supportive. She always has a smile on her face and makes the boys feel more confident.
Imagine Music Student
Brenda is a very positive and patient teacher. She is very warm and accepting. She is always willing to help even after a lesson (for example….email additional information if needed). I highly recommend Brenda as a music teacher.
Imagine Music Student
Brenda has been my accordion teacher for a year now.  I find Brenda connects with me through understanding my musical needs, which in turn motivates me to work harder.  She helps me to develop in many ways with the accordion, and my technical skills are improving.  She challenges me and cares about my development through active involvement in a lesson.  Brenda is very knowledgeable in all aspects of music. Brenda is a very positive and patient teacher.  She is very warm and accepting.  She is always willing to help even after a lesson (for example….email additional information if needed). I highly recommend Brenda as a music teacher. 
Imagine Music Student
We have loved our time with Brenda, she’s wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially children wanting to take lessons. If Danika changes her mind on lessons in the future, I know Brenda will be our first call.” From Ceara, an Imagine Music Inc parent.
Imagine Music Parent