Why Choose Imagine Music Inc.?

Imagine Music Inc is an innovative music education company that values musical growth, education and most importantly, enjoyment.  We started in 1994 as a small, local company, teaching music while providing quality, in-home and studio lessons.to individuals and families in Calgary and surrounding area.

Excellent Admin Staff

They support teachers, students, and parents by:

  • Setting up the right teacher and program.
  • Providing musical guidance.
  • Assisting when changes are needed.
  • Providing important information throughout the music year.

Talented Teachers

We are so proud of our music teachers that many have been on staff for years. Our best students have  been  hired to teach. Our music teachers are:

  • Talented, dedicated and passionate.
  • Reliable, patient and encouraging.
  • Well educated and trained.

Amazing Clients

These students, parents, and clients:

  • Want budget-friendly scheduling.
  • Want to enjoy learning a musical instrument.
  • Work with teachers to receive maximum potential.
  • Have been loyal to us for many years.
  • Succeed in achieving musical growth.
Contact Us

We are busy working with families who believe in music education, just like you. Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.