Our Music Lessons

Take music lessons that best suits your needs!

In Home Music Lessons

In-Home Music Lessons are when the teacher comes directly to your home to teach you. All our teachers are qualified and screened. As the parent of a young child or even as an adult you may prefer to have the teacher come to your location. There are many reasons for this.

  1. No waiting for the teacher to finish with another student who is running late.
  2. No traveling with a heavy instrument.No travelling through bad weather.
  3. No getting stuck in rush hour traffic.
  4. Students can start practicing their lesson the second teacher leaves.
  5. Students can practice right up to the moment the teacher arrives.
  6. A 30 minute lesson required only 30 minutes including travel time.
  7. For piano or organ lessons, the student is using their own instrument.
  8. Parents can ask questions more easily and be more involved.

For more information on In-Home Music Lessons, click here.

Studio Lessons

Studio Lessons are when the student goes to a teacher’s studio for their music lessons. All our teachers’ studios are inspected and reviewed before being approved. Benefits to studio lessons are;

  1. Students can focus more easily, without the distractions of their household.
  2. Students have access to the teacher’s library of music, as a traveling teacher cannot take their library of music with them.
  3. Parents can drop off their students and get errands done, rather than having the lesson in their home.
  4. The instruments provided in the studio are often of much higher quality.

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Our studios are located all over the city, to find a studio closest to you, please Contact Us

Music Lesson Packages (MLP)

Music Lessons Packages (MLP) are the perfect way of taking music lessons for a student who has a busy and changing schedule, those who don’t want to commit to the music lessons quite yet, or as a gift or way of learning a new instrument.

Music Lesson Packages (MLP) are sold as Four Lesson Packages. Each Music Lesson Package must be used within 12 weeks. When you finish your Music Lesson Package, another MLP may be purchased. Payment is usually taken through Visa or Mastercard but other arrangements can be made for cash or cheque.

Our clients have used these Music Lesson Packages:

  1. As a gifts for their significant other, their children, their friends or themselves.
  2. As a starter or trial lessons.
  3. As a way to brush up on musical skills for a special event.
  4. As an alternative to weekly music lessons due to hectic work schedules or shift work.
  5. As a way to take music lessons throughout the summer.

For more information on Music Lessons Packages (MLP), click here.