Other Instruments and Services

For more information regarding the following other instruments, types of lessons or services we offer, please see below. 

Specializing In
Teacher Studio Branch Location
In Home Location


Accordion and Organ

Piano, Organ, Keyboard and Accordion Read More…
Silver Springs (NW)


Wind Instruments (Recorder, Flute)

Wind Instruments: Recorder and Flute Read More…
Citadel, NW




Krishan P. Piano, Voice, Clarinet, Theory, Royal Conservatory of Music Exams Read More…
Capital Hill, NW




Guitar, Beginner Voice, Ukulele.  Read more…
Charleswood, NW


Peter F. Beginner Piano, Drums, Beginner Guitar, Ukulele, Rock School Syllabus for Drum and Guitar. Read more…
SW/SE / DeWinton, Okotoks


Transcriptions / Arrangements:

Arrangement services are provided by our qualified teachers who have have a solid knowledge not only of how to read and write music, but also of how the different instruments work in conjunction with one another, keeping in mind how to correctly arrange pitches and volumes of various instruments in order for the melodies and harmonies to best come forward.  For more details click here: Transcriptions and Arrangements.

Composition / Singing & Song Writing Lessons

The mind is full of creative ideas, however, sometimes making your creations into reality can be a difficult task. With the help from our teachers, students may explore their creative outlets by composing their own music and notate it for others to enjoy.  If you are interested in registering for Composition Lessons, please Contact us.

Improvisation Lessons

Sometimes you just want to sit and “jam” with friends and family without worrying about the notes on the page. Our teachers can teach you the tips and tricks to help you on your way to creating your own sound.  If you are interested in learning the art of improvising, please Contact us.


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Silver Springs, NW: 51.105839, -114.190907
Country Hills, NW: 51.138788, -114.160232
Charleswood, NW: 51.087875, -114.118807
Citadel, NW: 51.153716, -114.123374
Kincora, NW: 51.168738, -114.146816
Tuscany, NW: 51.129707, -114.242506
Capitol Hill, NW, Calgary: 51.071100, -114.101000
Lake McKenzie, SE: 50.908242, -113.998983
Okotoks: 50.725494, -113.974947
Dewinton: 50.822605, -114.013295
Abbeydale, NE: 51.055501, -113.929836
Lake McKenzie, SE: 50.908242, -113.998983
Glenbrook, SW: 51.021700, -114.161000
Imagine Music Inc: 51.129200, -114.202000
In-Home SW Calgary: 51.012400, -114.106000