Tim Y

tim-yAn Imagine Music Inc teacher since 2004…

Specializing in Guitar Lessons & Bass Lessons – Pop, Rock, Classical.

Besides teaching guitar and bass lessons, Tim Young has extensive experience in performing and recording as a solo guitarist and with his acoustic rock band, Soul Expired. He is a singer-songwriter currently working on his own original material. Writing music since 1988, Tim also runs his own studio and production company called Hopelight Productions.

He has recorded demos for various solo performers and has performed at various venues such as Vern’s, Jackdaw’s Pub and Soda Sound Lounge. Tim has also hosted jam sessions at venues such as The Stone Gate Inn, The Bar Fly and The Lighthouse Pub. He is currently finishing his solo album, The Truth Letters, and beginning another album with Soul Expired.

Tim’s Guitar Lesson and Bass Lesson Approach

    1. Tim’s original teaching style brings out the best in his guitar and bass guitar students. Tim believes that everyone is part musician, part performer. He tries to find the best of these attributes in his guitar and bass guitar students by bringing to the forefront their natural creative abilities.
    2. Tim’s guitar and bass guitar lessons provide his students with the tools to create and perform as true artists.
    3. Tim likes to focus on music theory as it applies to guitar and bass guitar. whether the student wants to become a famous performer or just better at playing for personal fulfillment. Tim will tailor your lesson accordingly.

“Tim’s been great. Easy going yet still gently nudging (in his own way) to practise because you get out what you put in to it.” From Sandi an Imagine Music Inc adult student.

“Tim Young is the guitar teacher for my son. We are very happy with our son’s progress. Tim has a very structured approach to teaching” From an Imagine Music Inc mom.