Sean B

sean-bAn Imagine Music Inc. teacher since 2015…

Specializing in Drums Lessons, Percussion Lessons, Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Percussion Syllabus and Beginner Piano.

Sean has her Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Throughout her studies at UBC, Sean has performed with many BC groups, including Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra, Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, Vancouver Bach Choir, Theatre Under the Stars, and Greater Vancouver Youth Music Academy Wind Ensemble, as well as several UBC large and chamber ensembles.

Sean’s first percussion instrument was the drum set, with which she has performed in several honours and summer jazz programs and rock based theatre shows.

She loves to share her experience and has taught percussion clinics for band students in Vancouver, Smithers, and Whistler. She teaches percussion lessons and clinics every summer as the Percussion Coach at the UBC Summer Music Institute. Always learning, herself, Sean has expanded her skills through conducting and brass/percussion education courses at UBC, as well as summer programs such as the Alan Abel Percussion Seminar at Temple University, PRISMA, and the Contemporary Percussion Intensive in North Vancouver.

Sean has gained a lot of experience working with beginners and young children through the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra program – PhilharmoniKids which teaches musicianship, instrument classes and Bucket Band ensemble to students. Working with these children, many of whom have never had a musical experience before the program, has given Sean valuable experience that has been very useful in teaching drums and piano to beginners.

Sean’s Approach to Music Lessons

  1. Lessons are as much an opportunity for the teacher to learn as the student. Sean promises to continue learning to be a better musician (and teacher!) just as she expects of her students.
  2. Rhythm and technique form the foundation on which you execute your musical ideas. It is essential to develop this foundation early and strengthen it often.