Kay A

kay-aAn Imagine Music Inc Teacher since 2014…

Specialing Pop, Jazz/improvisation and Classical Piano Lessons – Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and Conservatory Canada

Kay began her musical journey at the age of 5. Raised as the 9th child of a musical family, piano has always been a natural part of her life. She achieved Grade 10 with the Royal Conservatory of Music but chose to do her Associate Degree with the London College of Music in Jazz Performance.

Kay holds an Associate by Thesis degree for developing her teaching method of blending classical music and jazz concepts within the traditional piano lesson. She has also completed her Licentiate and Fellowship Theses which identifies jazz concepts and its contribution to the classical pianist.

Kay has been teaching in Calgary for over 30 years. She is an active church musician both as accompanist and creating harmonies while singing. She also successfully led a Children’s Choir at her Parish for several years. In addition to teaching, Kay has a primary role in organizing the Annual APTA Festival and is the creator of the Amazing Musical Games. Variety and fun are not an option to her, they are a necessity!

Kay’s Approach to Teaching:

    1. I believe that everyone has music in them. Music lessons are about discovering the tools to bring that music to light.
    2. To this end, I believe it is important to learn the building blocks of music and how other musicians have used them. It becomes a language to communicate the emotions of life.
    3. This approach gives the student a good basis to develop their skills in any genre as well as the knowledge to play for sheer enjoyment.

Here’s a sneak peak of Kay’s students:

Nathaniel playing “We Three Kings” at the 2014 Memories and New Beginnings Recital

“Kay is a wonderful teacher, she has a nice smile on her face all the time. My son has special needs and she has so much patience to teach him. She keeps repeating and not gets frustrated at all. She has new and easy ways to teach my son.” – Jagjit, an Imagine Music Inc. mom.