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An Imagine Music Teacher since 2011…

Specializing in Voice/Singing, Piano and Royal Conservatory Exams and Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms for Voice and Piano

Juliana began studying piano at the age of 5. She has never stopped playing classical and popular music as well as sacred church pieces. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from the University of Calgary. Some of her University courses included Music Theory, Music History, Musicianship, Conducting and teaching music in both Elementary and Junior High Schools. Juliana has also taught various Yamaha Group Class teacher. She is currently taking her Bachelor of Education at Ambrose University.  Being the dedicated musician that she is, Juliana hopes to complete her Royal Conservatory in Music (RCM) and Conervatory Canada Contemporary Idioms certificates in Piano and Voice. She is always striving to become a better musician but most importantly, a better music teacher.

Juliana understands the importance of volunteering and supporting the Calgary Music Community. She is a regular volunteer at the APTA (Alberta Piano Teachers Association) Music festival as well as the Calgary Performing Arts Festival (previously known as the Calgary Kiwanis Festival.  She is also a member of the fund-raising committee with the Calgary Performing Arts Festival.

Juliana teaches a range of students from toddlers to adults! Her success is not only seen through her large student return rate but also in her students’ ability to receive 80% or over in their Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and Conservatory Canada exams – for both Piano and Voice.  Many of her students have had the opportunity to perform recital preludes and at various functions and events.

Juliana’s Approach to Teaching Children:

  1. Juliana feels that parental involvement is also an important part of a child’s musical development. Supporting their children is paramount, as success is a combination of hard work and dedication of both the child and their parents. Juliana encourages parents to participate in their child’s practicing and aid in understanding of the material as best they can.
  2. Although two people may be the same age, the rate of maturity can vary greatly between children. Juliana believes that we should not treat each child the same with the same musicial lesson plan. Instead, we need to view and assess each child individually and develop a plan specifically for the child. The musical lesson plan should fit the child.

Here’s a Sneak Peak of Juliana’s Students:


Juliana at the 20th Anniversary of the JD Music Society Fundraiser held at the Calgary Winter Club on April 22, 2017.  She is with her voice student Ella and program Founder -Peter Mauro.  Juliana accompanied Ella on piano as she sang “So This is Love” from the Disney Cinderella movie.  This Society raises money for music scholarships for St. Francis High School students and provides funding for elementary schools to purchase music instruments. 




Natasha, Renee and Amelia singing for the 2014 Winter Recital Intermission

Julie & AmyThe girls love Juliana. She is supportive and professional.”
From an Imagine Music Inc mom.

“We really appreciate Ms. Juliana and would highly recommend her to others” From Donna, an Imagine Music Inc mom

“Juliana is a great teacher. Marisa seems to enjoy the lessons. She hasn’t given up like she does when trying new things” – Shirley, an Imagine Music Inc mom

“Juliana has really helped Sam find that inner musician!” From Barb, an Imagine Music Inc mom.

“Juliana is an extremely patient and caring teacher. My kids enjoy her lessons and her energy is contagious” From Jennifer, an Imagine Music Inc mom

“Juliana is great!” From Gurvinder, an Imagine Music Inc mom

“My daughter’s music teacher (Juliana) has inspired her to not drop her in-school music lesson (option) through she was struggling as shae has no background in music. She passed her course. Imagine Music Inc. is indeed great!” From Marlene, an Imagine Music Inc mom