Jasmin N.

jasmin-2016-09-11-227x300An Imagine Music Inc. Teacher since 2016…

Specializing in Piano

Jasmin began her piano education at the age of three and became a student with Imagine Music in 2007 at the age of nine, where she continues to learn more about piano and music to this day!  Her ambition to expand her musical knowledge has prompted her to learn to play the flute and guitar as well!  Jasmin was also part of her school band for 3 ½ years playing the clarinet, and in the school choir for 6 years.  Jasmin has recently completed her Grade 8 Conservatory Canada Piano receiving First Class Honours with Distinction.  


Outside of teaching and her own piano lessons, Jasmin plays the piano and sings in her church choir on a weekly basis. In an effort to give back to the community, she plays the piano occasionally at the McCaig Tower in the Foothills Hospital, a place close to her heart. As a student with Imagine Music, she has also participated in numerous piano recitals over the years. 


Jasmin’s Music Approach to Teaching:

  1.  Music is another language in which to express yourself! Jasmin teaches the piano skills it’ll take for her students to be able to express themselves through music.
  2. Being able to play across many different music genres is what makes you a well-rounded musician. Jasmin believes it is important for students to be exposed to the many different and diverse genres of music in order to have a better understanding of what it takes to be a versatile piano player.
  3. Music should be a source of enjoyment. Jasmin encourages students to have fun as they learn more about the piano and expand their musical knowledge.