Hannah M.

Hannah M

hannah-sept-2016-200x300An Imagine Music Inc. Teacher since 2016…

Specializing in Piano and Violin lessons…

Hannah started official music lessons when she was four years old, in a Calgary Kindermusik class.  At age 6 she started piano lessons and studied a wide variety of musical genres through the Conservatory Canada Program.  Hannah has achieved her Conservatory Canada Grade 8 Piano and Advanced Rudiments. She has recently also completed her Royal Conservatory Theory Level 8 receiving First Class Honours with Distinction.

When Hannah was 8 years old she started taking violin lessons as well.  She studied classical music with the Royal Conservatory Program and is currently preparing for her Level 6 exam.

Hannah has also played violin in several orchestras and ensembles and had opportunities to play both sacred and secular music for a variety of audiences.  She has also performed as a soloist for receptions and weddings with both instruments.


Hannah’s Approach to Teaching:

Many people think that music lessons are an optional part of a child’s development, but Hannah believes that the ability to play music is essential.  Music develops critical thinking skills, listening abilities, personal character, and self discipline, and it’s a lot of fun too!

  1. Hannah strives to offer personalized lessons based on the student’s age, personality, and learning style.
  2. She also believes that a student should be taught many genres of music to keep them interested, and to make the student more versatile.  It’s also more fun for the student to play music that they love.