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We can help you find a GREAT music teacher… At Imagine Music Inc. all our music teachers go through a thorough interview process including a performance evaluation, police background check and 3 references. It is our policy to only hire experienced and qualified music teachers.  We believe that only the best music teachers have the ability to develop even better students because they know how to encourage as well as instruct.

Our teachers realize what it takes to SUCCEED… Taking the time to practice and being inspired by their music teacher will result in achieving a well rounded and enjoyable musical experience. We are a unique and innovative music lesson company that values musical growth and education for life.  It is the music teacher who will lead the musician through the hard times of practicing music to the fun times and the feeling of musical accomplishment.

We have a dedicated Imagine Music Inc. STAFF to back up both the teachers and the students…  Our staff is here for you to help place you with the right teacher, to provide assistance when changes are needed, and to supply you with the school year information you need. You can read more about our dedicated staff that can assist you become an Imagine Music Student today – Click here: Our Staff

We give our students many opportunities to perform at RECITALS… Each Winter and Spring season we put on a series composed of:  Big Recitals, Junior Recitals, Acoustic Recitals and a Volunteer Performance opportunity.  Also, once a year we host an Adult Music Gathering. To learn more about our Recitals click here: Recitals and Performances


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