Studio Music Lessons

Studio Music Lessons are where the student goes to a teacher’s home-based studio branch location for their music lessons. Imagine Music Inc. offers Studio Music Lessons in numerous locations throughout the City of Calgary.


All our teachers’ studios are inspected and reviewed before being approved. Teacher Studio Branch music lessons are good if the student’s household is very busy. There are often less distractions in the studio as opposed to in a house, and students can focus better and learn more easily.

Benefits to studio lessons are:

  1. Students can focus more easily, without the distractions of their household.
  2. Students have access to the teacher’s library of music, as a traveling teacher cannot take their library of music with them.
  3. Parents can drop off their students and get errands done, rather than having the lesson in their home.
  4. The instruments provided in the studio are often of much higher quality.

Teacher Studio Branch lessons can be helpful for students who prefer to show up at a teacher’s studio for their lesson, rather than having a teacher come to their home. Studios have to meet standards of Imagine Music Inc, as well as teachers going through a rigorous interview process.

A benefit of going to a Teacher Branch is that they often have a greater library of music than a traveling piano teacher would ordinarily carry with them. This doesn’t make a great difference to a beginner starting out, as they often work out of basic books, but for an adult or more accomplished child, it can be a great benefit. They may also have extra equipment to help students understand musical concepts and better accomplish their musical goals!

Our studios are located all over the city, to find a studio closest to you, please see our Locations (link to map)