Music Lesson Packages

Our “MUSIC LESSON PACKAGES” or the MLP is a popular alternative to weekly scheduled regular lessons. Music Lesson Packages gives you the flexibility to put music lessons into your life while working around your busy hectic schedule. You are free to schedule lessons at your convenience providing that the music lesson day and time works for both you and your music teacher. Music Lessons Packages (MLP) are the perfect way of taking music lessons for a student who has a busy and changing schedule, those who don’t want to commit to the music lessons quite yet, or as a gift or way of learning a new instrument.

Music Lesson Packages (MLP) are sold as Four Lesson Packages. Each Music Lesson Package must be used within 12 weeks. When you finish your Music Lesson Package, another MLP may be purchased. Payment is usually taken through Visa or Mastercard but other arrangements can be made for cash or cheque. ** Please note that under the MLP, any music lessons that are scheduled by the client and are cancelled by the client will still be charged. Any MLP lessons that are cancelled by the teacher will not be charged.

Our clients have used these Music Lesson Packages:

  1. As a gifts for their significant other, their children, their friends or themselves (i.e. Birthday / Anniversary present)
  2. As a starter or trial lessons.
  3. As a way to brush up on musical skills for a special event (i.e. Wedding Proposal / Anniversary surprise / Music Audition)
  4. As an alternative to weekly music lessons due to hectic work schedules or shift work.
  5. As a way to take music lessons throughout the summer. (Summer Lessons).

Music Lesson Packages are available for In-home Music Lessons and Studio Music Lessons on all instruments.

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