In-Home Music Lessons

It is really impossible for a music teacher to decide whether taking lessons at home will be more beneficial than in a studio. At Imagine Music Inc. we offer our music students the option of taking their music lessons with one of our highly qualified music teachers either at home or in an Imagine Music Inc. certified studio.

As the parent of a young child or even as an adult you may prefer to have the teacher come to your location. There are many reasons for this.

  1. No waiting for the teacher to finish with another student who is running late.
  2. No traveling with a heavy instrument.
  3. No travelling through bad weather.
  4. No getting stuck in rush hour traffic.
  5. Students can start practicing their lesson the second teacher leaves.
  6. Students can practice right up to the moment the teacher arrives.
  7. A 30 minute lesson required only 30 minutes including travel time.
  8. For piano or organ lessons, the student is using their own instrument.
  9. Parents can ask questions more easily and be more involved.

However in some cases there are benefits to going to an Imagine Music Inc. certified studio. Some of our instructors have many students and travelling is not an affordable option for students. Some music students are more advanced and in some cases, qualified teachers who can provide the advanced training you require are not as readily available. Finding the best teacher for your situation is our number one concern.

Ultimately the choice is yours but we find many of our music students like having the music teacher come to their own home. Others are happy to go to a studio for the special training we can provide there. In order to evaluate the best options for your situation you should discuss the possibilities with our staff.

For more information to help you decide whether in home music lessons or in studio instruction will be the better choice, please call the office at (587)390-7347 or email us at


“Thanks for providing a fantastic music lesson program…as a parent it is brilliant that the teacher comes to the home…one less commitment to drive to on a weekly basis!” A quote from Janet a Calgary mom