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Personalized Approach to Music Lessons

Imagine Music Inc. offers in-home and studio music lessons in Calgary and surrounding areas.   Imagine Music Inc. is a unique and innovative music lesson company where Calgary students and teachers collaborate to achieve musical success. We believe that a positive work environment includes personal dedication and professional growth mixed with team spirit, creativity, and fun. It is our goal as teachers to work together with our students to ensure that their music experience is both positive and progressive.  Music lessons should be a worthwhile investment in both time and expense.

Our Calgary music classes offer both traditional conservatory-style music courses for anyone who seeks qualified instruction in a music certification program, and equally professional music lessons for the music hobbyist or mature student who simply wants to improve their live performance skills or has long desired to take up a musical instrument for fun and enjoyment..

Initially, we begin by talking to the student to establish their direction, aptitude, and personal goals. Once we have established their needs and musical aspirations, we begin a program designed specifically for them. The key to successful music training is based upon the music student achieving their goals with regard to improving their skill, knowledge, and understanding of music theory and physical skill as it applies to their unique program all the while maintaining their interest and enthusiasm as they progress. Regular and direct communication with our students and their parents enables us to achieve these goals

Teachers provide ongoing feedback regarding the songs students are learning thus helping music students understand how they are progressing and where areas of concern should be addressed. Skill and understanding improves through the completion of the homework they are given and these reports will help present both the successes they have achieved and steps required to attain new goals as they progress.

For younger students we continually communicate with parents about how they can help their children stay motivated and to attain their practice goals. Initially, we outline our expectations for practice to the student and help them understand the importance of keeping on track so that they receive the most benefit from their music lessons.

Since motivation is such an important facet for the ultimate musical success of students of any age, we offer 2 recitals each year with a focus on non-competitive presentations showcasing various instruments. Students are invited to show off their newly learned musical skills to parents and/or other family members. There is also a prelude at the recital showcasing teachers or advanced music students. Students are also encouraged to play in other non-competitive venues throughout the year. In addition for those who are more dedicated to performance our students are encouraged to also participate in the APTA festival and the Kiwanis Music Festival in Calgary.

At Imagine Music Inc. we try to match every student to the teacher based upon more than simply location. Sometimes unforeseen complications need to be addressed. At that time we will reevaluate the program as a team to make any adjustments needed to get the student back on track and happily moving forward again.

Ultimately as professional music instructors and performers we work together with our students to ensure that their musical experience is positive and progressive. You can be certain that all our music teachers are highly qualified, educated and/or experienced professionals who have performed as musicians in the local Calgary music community and who continue to further their musical education.

“Imagine Music Inc is great for my children. They get to play music that they are interested in.” A quote from Bobbi an Imagine Music Inc client.


As the city of Calgary is growing, we understand that it is important to have music lessons which are catered to your needs. Imagine Music Inc. provides a variety of different music lesson options in Calgary which will be most convenient for you.

Quality Teacher

Not only are our music teachers educated and experienced, but they are also passionate about music. They are always excited to share their love of music to our students. Our teachers are also asked to conduct security checks prior to teaching for Imagine Music Inc. We also go to all of the Teacher’s Studio Branches to make sure that it is a safe and open environment for our clients. Check out the full list of all the Imagine Music Inc. Teachers.

Quality Education

With 20 years of servicing music lessons in Calgary,we offer the best in home and studio music lessons to our clients.No matter what your age, music background, skills, styles or musical goals are,
we will find the right teacher for you.



Our teachers are not just music educators, but they are musicians as well. In addition to our Winter and Spring Recitals, we offer performance opportunities in different environments. Our students also participate in local Calgary Music festivals such as Kiwanis and APTA Festivals. For more information, see our STUDENT PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITY page.



The mind is full of creative ideas! Imagine Music Inc. welcomes new and innovative musical thoughts! We teach you how to hone your inner creative self and teach you how to incorporate it into your music!



The Oxford Dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Success could be completing a song, the ability to play for friends and/or family, to perform at a music recital, or to complete a music exam, such as the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) or Conservatory Canada examinations. No matter what your goal is, we’re here to tell you that you can succeed!