Acoustic / Electric & Bass Guitar Lessons


Which Guitar is the best one to start with?

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a guitar is the size of the student. If the new guitar student is small, such as a child around 9 yrs old, you might want to consider a 3/4 size guitar to start. This is preferable to a full size guitar as it will be easier for the new student to learn on. Beginner guitar students can learn on either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. Of course, if you are are planning on studying classical or flamenco style then it would be best to learn on a classical guitar.  However most music styles for guitar can be taught successfully either on an acoustic or electric guitar.


Acoustic Guitar:

Acoustic guitars do not need amps or cables to produce an audible sound. Acoustic guitars can also be less distracting for a beginner student. Generally speaking, an acoustic guitar is universal for all musical styles.


Electric Guitar:

If the sound of an electric guitar is preferred, there are some music stores that sell great beginner guitar kits. Some of these kits may include a guitar, guitar case, amp, cable, guitar strap and tuner. These kits can also be purchased second hand as they have good resale value. Electric guitars can be easier to play as the strings are lighter and the body is thinner.

Both the acoustic and electric guitars can be purchased new, bought second hand or rented.


Electric Bass Guitar:

Oh and don’t rule out the electric bass guitar, the backbone of any band. The bass function is different than a guitar and tends to focus on the lower end notes. Most guitarists I know play bass and visa versa. If this is of special interest to you, then it is best to take lessons on a bass guitar as it will provide the true sound that you will be looking for.


Guitar Lessons with Imagine Music Inc.

Our guitar and bass teachers will do their best to work with the instrument you have. Because we are only interested in your musical education, we will honestly let you know if the instrument you are currently playing on is sufficient or not. If you’d like specific information on your guitar or bass needs or you would like information on lessons, just contact the Imagine Music Inc office.

See Our Guitar Teachers for a list of our Guitar and Bass Teachers.