Frequently Asked Questions

…about Imagine Music

1. Imagine Music Inc Policies: Client Policies (2017-2018) 

2. Imagine Music Inc 2017-18 Calendar: 2017-2018 Calendar (Clients) 

3. Why choose Imagine Music Inc?
We are unique from other studios. We offer both in-home and in-studio lessons as well as teachers who range in various instruments and genres of music. Because of this, many students take lessons on 2 different instruments with different teachers and there is no hassle of having to do paperwork and registration through 2 different companies. All our teachers go through a rigorous interview process and we only hire those who have clean background checks and are capable and have experience in teaching music.

4. How much will my lessons cost? 

Lesson costs are determined by:

    • Lesson Location: Teacher Studio Branch or In-Home
    • Lesson Type: Regular Weekly Lessons or the Music Lesson Package
    • Lesson Length (i.e. 30min, 45min, 60min, etc…)
      As with most studios, there is also a small registration fee. The registration fee covers the time it takes to set up and maintain a client’s account, as well as contributes to the recitals (which are free for students), and secures the student a time slot.  
    • Please refer to our Price List (2017-2018) for more detailed pricing information. 

5. Where are your studios located? Our teacher studio branches are located throughout the city. At this time, we do not give out exact addresses until clients have registered. Please contact us, to find out which studios are closest to you, or look at our Map at the bottom of our homepage.  We also offer the convenience of in-home lessons where our teachers come to your place; saving you the time and cost of driving to a studio.

6. What forms of payment do you take? We accept Visa and MasterCard.  Email money transfer is also accepted.

7. Recitals and Performances:  Please click here to find out about all the 2017/18 recital dates and registration process:  Recitals and Performances


 …about music lessons

8. Will I need to own an instrument before starting lessons? Yes, it is required that you have an instrument that you are able to practice on before you begin lessons. However, many music stores offer the option to rent musical instruments from them which would work out well if you are just trying out a musical instrument.

9. How long will it take me to learn an instrument? The speed of learning greatly depends on how much the student practices. The teacher will guide you, give you goals to work towards, and oversee that the student is practicing correctly, but the student can only reach their goals by practicing. This being said, students will begin techniques and songs on their instrument immediately and will be well into learning songs within a few lessons.

10. How soon can I begin lessons? Lessons can start immediately once registration is complete and a teacher is available.  Please see the steps for registration below or visit our Music Lesson Inquiry page to submit an email to our office.  We try our best to respond within 24 hours.

11. Aside from renting or purchasing a musical instrument, is there any other material that is needed to begin lessons? Yes, music books will be required. Your music teacher will tell you what music books you will require. Your music teacher may also have these books available to you for purchase at the lesson or you may have to purchase these books yourself at the local music store.

12. Regarding In-home music lessons, what does the music teacher require for the lessons? Imagine Music Inc does provide a list of materials to each client that specific teacher’s requests. These items may include a metronome, music stand, recording device, CD player, etc..

13. Can you teach four-year-olds? Some of our teachers will teach four-year-olds with music classes or piano lessons. These lessons are usually available during the daytime hours. To read more about what ages we teach, visit our Age Requirements page.

14. Can I choose who my teacher will be? We match up teachers to students based on the student’s instrument, level of skill, and goals with music, as well as the teacher’s availability. If students would like to request a teacher, they may do so, but it isn’t always guaranteed that the teacher will have availability.

Visit our Teachers & Staff page to see a list of Instruments taught and teachers. 


 …about registration

15. How do I register and what is the process?

      1. The first step would be to contact Imagine Music Inc. regarding your music lesson request via phone (587) 390-7347 or through our Music Inquiry Form. We will get back to you regarding your request.
      2. Providing we can accommodate your requested lesson time and instrument, we will then ask you to fill out our registration form which will be emailed to you. There is usually a time limit as to when we need to receive your registration form back. Time slots are held only for a few days while we wait to receive your form.
      3. Payment is also due at the time of registration. Lastly, once your form is received, we will send you an invoice outlining your fees. Your teacher will also be notified that you are ready to start your lessons